About IYS


Our Scent Entertainers bring a unique, interactive, experiential, multi-sensory event to people who want to have fun creating their own personal fragrance while socializing in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.

Enjoy the perfect blend of creativity, food and drink and socializing. INVENT YOUR SCENT guests are guided by our Scent Entertainers in creating their own one-of-a-kind fragrance that they can exclusively claim as theirs.

Included in this 90-minute happening is a Foolproof Blending* fragrance-making kit, which yields one ounce of perfume/cologne in an atomizer when complete, as well as more fragrance to create with at home and a recipe card to remember your exclusive blend.

INVENT YOUR SCENT LIVE is a novel and memorable experience that will leave participants surprised and amazed at what fragrance their personality will inspire them to create!

*Foolproof Blending is a trademark of our fragrance partner, Demeter Fragrance Library.