INVENT YOUR SCENT LIVE is an exciting new twist in experiential events. Participants create their own unique, customized 1oz bottle of perfume or cologne based exclusively on their individual tastes and preferences. And it all happens in a fun environment.

How does it work?

Participants are provided a kit with a variety of fragrances and the tools with which to test and blend them. A qualified scent entertainer guides them through the process.

Do I need to be a perfume expert to participate?

Absolutely not! The INVENT YOUR SCENT LIVE process is not only fun, but it is also foolproof! All of the fragrances in the kit work together in any combination to smell good so you cannot make a mistake. And the Scent Entertainer is there to answer any questions and help.

How long does it take to make the scent?

There is no formal time limit. Each person works at his or her own pace to create a fragrance they love. But a session does not exceed 90 minutes.

What happens when I run out of the scent I’ve created? Can I get more?

Everyone will be able to write down his or her formula, which they can use with the unused fragrances in their kits to make more of their personal scent. When the ingredients are used up, re-orders are available from our perfume kit manufacturer.

Where do you hold INVENT YOUR SCENT LIVE events?

INVENT YOUR SCENT LIVE events are held at bars/restaurants with an area or room for 20-45 people.  These events are not affiliated with any bar/restaurant.

With the purchase of a ticket, IYSL is only responsible for providing a fragrance making kit and an instructor to guide its customer in creating a fragrance.  Any food, beverages or merchandise purchased at these events is exclusively the responsibility of the customer, not IYSL.

Are there age restrictions?

IYSL is not available to children.  The IYSL service is exclusively for adults who minimally are of the legal drinking age of that venue.  IYSL is not responsible in any way if persons are below the legal drinking age.  Should the IYSL designee discover that an attendee is under the legal drinking age, the designee may refuse to include the underage customer in the event, even if they have purchased a ticket to the event.  IYSL has the right to ask the individual for a valid i.d. as proof of age, and the ticket holder will comply with that request.

What do I wear to these events?

Whatever clothing you would wear out for evening in a bar or restaurant is perfect attire. 

Can I sit with my friends?

As there is no reserved seating, we suggest if you want to sit with people you know, the majority of your party should get there a bit early to ensure you can sit together.

Will the event be the same each time I go to an IYSL event?

INVENT YOUR SCENT LIVE is a service designed to entertain in a day/evening of creating YOUR own custom fragrance, assisted by an instructor.

There will be times when IYSL changes the fragrance kits or the method of instruction, and we reserve the right in our sole discretion to amend our services without notice.

What materials will be provided?

IYSL will provide a fragrance making kit, inclusive of six (1/2 oz.) vials of fragrance that can be worn individually or blended, test strips and a 1 oz. atomizer bottle that will hold the final personalized perfume or cologne.  There will be some leftover fragrance to play with at home and a recipe card to write down the amounts of each fragrance.